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Save Money On Tourist Attractions with the Official Malta Pass

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Save Money On Tourist Attractions with the Official Malta Pass
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Malta Pass Customer Reviews

There is nothing more important to us than our customers. Our top priority is making sure the thousands of people who use our cards every year get the best value for money possible. Here is some of the feedback we have received.

Very useful and convenient

"I bought this for a present for a couple who were celebrating their ruby wedding and were spending four days in Malta. They used the Malta Pass several times, including on a trip to Mdina finding it very useful and convenient."

Sue Martin, UK

Great Value

"The Malta Pass was of great value to us. We will recommed the Malta Pass to others who go to Malta."

Wolfgang Tostmann


“The Malta Pass was great. Just one thing: it would be great if you add the visit to the wonderful cathedral in the downtown of La Valette.”

Fabrice Bertineau, France

We are working on that! – The Malta Pass Team

Good value for money

"The Malta Pass was for us good value for money. Because of the Pass we visited more locations then we have done without the Pass with result we have seen more of this great island than without the Pass."

Wolftos, Netherlands

Great way to save money

"We really enjoyed our stay in Malta and using your Malta Pass was a great way to save money. I have noticed though many of the restaurants were only opened at nights and with a two day pass, we couldn't possibly use them. Anyway it was a great way to see Malta and hope we can return someday."

Jean Claude Bolduc, Montreal, Canada

Encouraged us to visit more attractions

"We had a great time in Malta and it was made much easier by using the Malta Pass. We saved money overall, and I think it encouraged us to visit more attractions than we would otherwise have done if we had to pay an entry fee"

Ken Baker, UK

Convenient and reasonably priced

"Whenever we are visiting a city we always look out for a pass of some sort as we try to fit as much in as we can while visiting. Normally these passes are for just a city but in Malta’s case it covers the whole country. We certainly got our money’s worth from our 3-day card and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Convenient and reasonably priced."

J Thorpe, Australia

Loved our Malta Pass

“We loved our Malta pass and have been extolling the virtues of it to everyone we know. We are planning another trip to Malta as we fell in love with this beautiful little island and the people, and will definitely get another Malta Pass to see all the things we missed first time round. We found the pass so easy as it was paid for before we came and once we had it was easy to use and the booklet was great for planning our trips. The only problem we had was finding the office as we didn’t realise it was on the water front of Grand Harbour. Having said that walking around Valletta to find the office was brilliant for getting our bearings so there was an upside.”

Ian and Kay Levett, UK

Very cost effective

“I was really happy to have the Malta Pass. I was able to do so many things. It was very cost - effective. I was just not able to do all the things in three days. The Malta Pass is very good and I would recommend it to other persons.”

Anja Stölzel

Saved around 40 Euros

“Myself and my husband bought 2 passes online and they were waiting for us in our hotel as requested. We used them for three days and visited about 6 /7 different attractions as well as the HOHO. Although I didn’t do a full calculation we probably ended up saving around 40 euros between us over the three days so on that basis I would say it was worth it.”

Sandra W, London (posted on Trip Advisor) - Click here

Great Value and service

I purchased the Malta Pass Card online,which was delivered to my Hotel in time for my arrival. I bought the 3 days pass which was excellent value for money. It comes with a booklet detailing all the attractions and a section showing further discounts available,restaurants,spa's,activities etc. for the duration of your stay-Not just the duration of the pass ie 1,2,3 days.

The pass encouraged me to visit many more attractions than I would have if I had not purchased the pass. I also used the pass discount section on several times to gain discount on various restaurants.  All in all the Malta Pass Card is a must for visiting this enchanting Island.

Thanks again to the Malta Pass Card staff for a great service.

Keith Elliot - posted on Trip Advisor 24/04/2013

Discovered a gem thanks to the Malta Pass

 “…We went to this Roman house simply because we had bought a Malta Pass and it was on the list of places we could visit. What we found was a wonderfully presented Roman house, very different from the other sites we had visited. It is well worth exploring so don't miss it after visiting Mdina, it's just the other side of the car park to the left of the main city entrance.”

John S, Exeter, UK (posted on Trip Advisor) - Click here

Make sure to take the Sightseeing Bus with the Malta Pass!

 “…I would recommend these buses if purchased in combination with the Malta Pass - especially at the discount given online. Even visiting a few of the attractions would make the bus free, and it is an effective way of getting to some parts of Malta.”

Tebfunk, San Diego, California (posted on Trip Advisor) - Click here

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